The World of Technology and Spas

The world as we know it is changing daily and especially in regards to technology from smartphones, smart cars, 3-D printing, and beyond the possibilities are limitless. It seems what is cutting edge today fades by noon. I am always curious as to how technology is going to affect the spa and wellness industry. It begs the question as hospitality companies such as Hilton, Yotel, and Starwood design and market locations that cater to the technology generation. Yotel, like airlines, has replaced the traditional check-in agent wth a kiosk. Hilton in Northern Virginia, has Connie, a customer service robot available to answer any questions. While Starwood launched a room service robot. All of this to attract the ever-elusive millennial consumer. Millennials are noted as the most educated and tech-savvy generation in history and soon to be the largest and most influential generation. All of which challenges the current status quo of the spa industry. Spa design, layout, and marketing focus on the traditional spa-goer – older, wealthy, and seeking quite time. While millennials seek engagement, interaction, and customization of each spa experience. With so many opportunities for technology around the spa, does these foretell the end of spa services? I have to say no! The spa-goer may have broadened, but the reason for going to the spa is still the same – to have human contact and interaction. A robot, for now, is still unable to replace the touch of a well-trained therapist. Though many may attempt to duplicate or even replace the client-therapist relationship the actuality of it is still year off, or so I hope.

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