Educating the Masses

A recent Fast Company article, notes the importance of continuous education, as the workforce grows older and industries change so rapidly. With the outlook of so many living and working later in life, the availability of quality training and education becomes essential. The United States Bureau of Labor indicated the spa industry as one of the fastest growing sectors. Additionally, the spa industry serves as a second or third career for many who enter the field. Since there are massage schools on almost every corner in certain cities, the issue of education and training to enter the industry is unnecessary. The challenges is encountered with continuing education requirements for therapist, with a transition from fluff and buff to health and wellness, necessitates a change in the education and training provided by spas.
The traditional training program for spas in the US includes customer service, product knowledge, and mission/brand review. Spas are now deviating from the standard training course, and offering soft skill-focused training. An example of which is the new Master of Massage program offered by Ritz-Carlton spas, in collaboration with ESPA. The concept expands beyond the US to the Caribbean, with the launch of Sandals Resorts International, Red Lane Institue. Again with a focus outside of protocol training, in both of the programs, designers seeks to share insight and information with the entire spa staff that allows for guest experiences to go beyond delight to the realm of exceptional. With so many options, Spa leaders have to seek new ways to improve the guest experience, which can only be achieved through educating and training the staff on soft skills more than just protocols.

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