Chasing Sunsets

The last few flights I have taken have interestingly enough have been right around sunset, I did what people do their whole life, I chased the sunset. I watched the colors go from golden yellow to fiery reds and pinks, to blues and finally fading into darkness. I must say, I didn’t want the chase to end, to see one day literally turn into the next. Is this how most entrepreneurs feel? Chasing a dream, turning a goal into reality, not stopping in darkness but working toward the light. Trusting and focused on that one glimmer of light that represents hope for success and a dream realized. The light that burns within us as it is used to guide our action and steps. We seek this light in others and together we shine through the darkness – chasing the light. As so many are focused on 2017, I am focused on making these last few days of 2016 the very best ones and full of light.


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