Cuba is Calling and Its a Good Thing.

For the past two years, I have attempted unsuccessfully to sail from Jamaica to Cuba to explore the island that calls to my soul. I am working diligently on improving my Spanish, the 5 years of study between high school and college have disappeared. I now rely on DuoLingo and trips to the Dominican beauty salon to assist me in the development of my Spanish language skills. As a not so avid scuba driver, but huge fan of snorkeling, the idea of swimming in the untouched waters surrounding Cuba is the stuff of dreams. I also look forward to driving along the coast in a 1950’s something convertible. I savor the idea of experiencing the culture and activities. Every time I see a picture of someone else’s travel to the beautiful island I know I a visit is required in the not so distance future. I am not alone in my desire to explore Cuba, from The Profit ,to the Kardashians, and event Inc. magazine rave about the gem of the Caribbean.

The idea of looking forward to the future seems to go against the mainstream mindset to live only in the present moment. Though studies have proven that thinking about the future increases endorphins – the pleasure hormone.  In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza encourages readers to think about the future to avoid dwelling on the past and living the same life every day. Dr. Dispenza explains that without the ability to look to the future our lives will become like that of Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. Along the same lines, Mike Dooley, founder of TUT adventure, discusses the power of thoughts, famously noting “Thoughts Become Things – Chose Good One.” So, as I enjoy this new year and plan more adventures, looking forward to the future with great hope and anticipation of the first of many trips to Cuba.


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