Spa SOS is rolling out a roster of business-focused courses, starting with an online course to accompany the Guide to Opening a Wellness Center. Future classes will focus on Spa and Wellness Management and Leadership training, Spa Business Development and Planning, Spa Marketing and Strategies, Customer Service, Retail, and Way to Green Your Spa. Unlike a majority of the Continuing Education providers that specialize in therapeutic courses to benefit the client or the therapist, Spa SOS staff understands firsthand that in order to be successful and grow in this or any industry, leaders must have a thorough understanding of the business world and ways to create success.

Spa SOS aims to provide clients with the tools to create Solutions, Opportunities, and Success. The Small Business Administration (SBA) states that 50% of all small businesses will fail within five years of opening. Spa SOS aims to reduce the number of failed businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. Spa SOS achieves this goal by providing customized educational information and services to beauty industry students and graduates. Spa SOS educates, mentors, and consults with individuals in the beauty and wellness industry, including trends as well as marketing and business planning tools that can be used to create a thriving business. With a combination of industry knowledge, team leadership, and business development skills, Spa SOS owner and staff can help those in the beauty and wellness build a more solid business foundation and create a successful business enterprise. Spa SOS is a US-based company that provides training worldwide.

Business Education Courses: Online platforms

Course Title: How to Create Luxury with Wellness Experiences

Description: This course explores the intersection of luxury and technology in the wellness industry. Discover how advanced technologies are transforming spa experiences, personalized wellness, and beauty treatments. Learn about AI-driven systems, virtual reality applications, and sustainable practices shaping the future of high-end wellness. Ideal for spa professionals and wellness enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge insights in this evolving field.

Course: How to Assess Your Leadership Style

Description: This course explores various leadership styles in business, focusing on their application in the spa and wellness industry. Learn to identify your natural leadership style, develop essential leadership skills, and adapt your approach to different situations. Through real-world examples and self-assessment exercises, you’ll gain insights to enhance your leadership effectiveness and drive success in your wellness business.

Course: How to Open a Wellness Center: 31-Day Guide and Workbook online course

Embark on your wellness center journey with this comprehensive 31-day guide. Learn essential steps from concept to launch, including market analysis, business planning, and operational setup. Discover how to integrate cutting-edge wellness technologies, create personalized experiences, and build a sustainable, client-focused business. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in the thriving wellness industry.

Consulting Services

In addition to Business Education courses, Spa SOS also offers one–on–ones for those seeking added information, insight, and steps to create a successful and thriving massage practice, wellness center, and spa. Please email us for more information and pricing. Schedule a free 30-minute session to assess your needs and develop coaching strategies.